Social Networking

I’ve long been an advocate of social networking.

I love myspace as it’s a great way to find out about new music and for unsigned acts to raise their profile. It’s especially useful when you’re going to a gig and need to know whether it’s worth going in early, or staying at the bar!

I also love facebook, I’ve found it’s a great way to keep in contact and is very useful for sending out mass messages to friends etc. I also like the updates, it’s a good way to share information so seeing photos from events people have been to, new babies, new hairstyles etc. Also, as several of my friends have been travelling recently it’s been great to see their photos and get inspirations for trips of my own. Although one negative of Facebook is that people lose the ability to self-edit (I would argue this is also a problem with some blogs. Unfortunately people don’t just edit the good photos from a night out, the one where everyone’s smiling and look nice, they add the ten attempts it took to get that photo!

I also enjoy some of the more “professional” side of facebook, I am a fan of the British Library and Nursing Times magazine and have found it a useful way to get updates from both organisations.

I like the chat feature on Facebook but it is rather primitive (I’m a great fan of “appear offline” on msn!) and prone to freezing up.


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