I’ve had fun signing up to fun videos etc on youtube. I think it’s a great resource, I really enjoy watching music videos on there. The above is a clip from a show I produce, it’s instore television for a chain of Japanese hair salons. The band’s lead singer is a good friend of mine. The band are JukeBox Vandals (

It’s good being able to save the videos you like and also to subscribe to particular people’s videos, this is great if for example you like a particular music video director, so you can keep up to date whenever they bring something new out.

Obviously youtube has had its problems, those of controlling and policing such a vast resource. So there have been criticisms particularly surrounding the prevalence of videos containing violence and anti-social behaviour. I think it’s important not to let the actions of a few taint the enjoyment of many. Youtube is an amazing website which is wonderful in its opensource mentality. Although I agree there could be more done to take away offensive material more quickly, I don’t think people should criticise the website as a whole for the content some users choose to upload.


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