Not sure if anyone in the group is aware of this fantastic program called Stumbleupon (

You register for it and then state some particular areas of interest (music, technology etc). What it then does is to take you on a freefall of the web. For example you might be checking your hotmail for any Learning 2.0 updates, then you can hit the stumbleupon button on your toolbar and it will take you to a totally random website which fits with your previously stated interests. Then hit stumbleupon again and it’ll take you somewhere completely new! It’s very exciting and leads you to all kinds of interesting things. I first signed up before I had my Library MA interview and just put professional interests, it was a great way to find loads of interesting and varied information about the library world.

A great new development in Stumbleupon is their channels feature, this means that when you go on to various websites such as youtube and myspace, it will do its usual stumbling, but just within that website. So you will stumble through various different myspace pages finding lots of cool new (maybe just new to you!) bands.

A brilliant resource which can be used either as a vibrant current awareness tool or as a fun timewaster.


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