Podcasts, my thoughts

I’m a great fan of podcasts and have been for some time. The best piece of advice I can give to anyone is: be selective! At first I signed up to tons of interesting looking podcasts, but there are only so many hours in the day you can listen to them so they can clog up your i-pod if you’re not careful.

I subscribe to a variety of podcasts, from the strange and irreverent humour of Adam and Joe (BBC6 music) to the current worldwide affairs of From Our Own Correspondant.

I think it’s great that there is now so much flexibility and people aren’t tied to a particular time and place. Subscribing to podcasts is a great way to ensure you never miss your favourite programmes and there is such a variety that most people will be able to find things they are interested in. I also like the technology of the i-player and channel four’s watch online service*, allowing you to watch programmes from the last week’s worth of television. There is such a wide variety of programming available through such services that it is, in the words of the BBC “making the unmissable, unmissable”.

*4OD however, is a terrible programme. I downloaded it and it has never worked properly despite reinstalling and running various diagnostics, I know many people who have had similar problems. It’s a potentially fantastic resource but until it can work consistently, it is nothing more than theoretical.


One thought on “Podcasts, my thoughts

  1. I agree on the iPlayer. I think the other thing about 4OD (and ITV and Channel 5 offerings) is that they couldn’t/can’t decide on the commercial model, and from trying these services quite a while back, I’m now unsure (in my mind) what is free and what I’ll be charged for. Since I know I’m generally not going to pay for this stuff (with occaisional exceptions) I find myself not bothering to go and look.

    Also, the technology, I installed the Channel 5 download client and had a load of problems getting it to work (although the response on their support line was absolutely fantastic – replies almost immediate even late at night). The final issue with the technology of all the other services is that they are (last time I looked) Windows only. Since I generally use Macs at home, this is no good for me.

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