online applications and tools

Mobile phones – I regularly use my mobile phone to go on msn, check my hotmail, gmail or facebook. I’ll admit that these three leisure activities are what I use most frequently, but it’s handy if you are running late to get somewhere and need to find a contact’s phone number which you might not have in your phone memory, or to look up the venue’s address again. The access is quite a lot slower, but it’s nothing compared to dial-up! Also, many more websites now have mobile versions and the website knows you’re on a mobile so defaults to that version.  There are also mobile-only sites such as m-tube which is a variant on youtube designed specifically for use on mobile phones.

Browsers – I have used firefox for many years. Initially it was a feeble attempt to fight back against microsoft’s dominance. However, the functionality and stability of firefox has – in my experience – been greater than IE. Therefore I use it as my default browser at home and at work.

Google docs is a great resource. I found it very useful whilst at university, if I’d forgotten to take my memory stick with me to the library, I could save work, quotes etc to google docs rather than emailing to myself. I also host my monthly budget on there so I can update it as I spend money – important in these “credit crunch” times!

I have several toolbars at home, including delicious and stumbleupon. I find these really useful and have recently discovered others such as the National Library for Health one which is useful for quick research needs. I also like the Bookmark toolbar on firefox, which I find indispensable as a quick resource. I’ve just created a toolbar for my blog, I’ll wait to see if I find that useful.

Widgets I’d mainly used as an end user, so it was fun to be on the creating end of that!

Mashups I’d never heard of, in those terms, however I was aware of the theory of them. I think they’re really exciting and have great potential for the future for a wide range of users.


One thought on “online applications and tools

  1. I didn’t find my blog toolbar terribly useful, but I suspect this was because I was using it for a resource which isn’t terribly conducive to a toolbar.

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