Finding 100 words to say, hoping they’ll be of interest.

I’ve got a little behind on the Learning 2.0 workshops due to a heavy workload and being away from my desk quite a bit, therefore I’m playing catch up this week!

I thought I would tell some of you about a handy feature I found on Weblog some time ago (when maintaining a different blog). If, like me, you find the editing features of wordpress a little clunky, you can create and format your text in Word then paste it in to wordpress whilst retaining the formatting. To do this go to write new post and to the far right hand side of the toolbar above the text window is a button which, if you hold the cursor over this icon will say show/hide kitchen sink. Clicking on this button brings up a further toolbar, which includes a button which if you hold the cursor over, it will say paste from Word. Simply copy and paste your text in to this box, and it will retain any formatting you’ve done much better than a simple cut and paste.

To save time, don’t forget CTRL + C for copy and CTRL + V for paste.
Happy blogging!


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